Blinded… the Bling


Well hello there. Looks like it’s been a few weeks since we talked. Or rather, a few weeks since Lyttle Lamb wrote, you read, and hopefully shopped. In case you were wondering, Lyttle Lamb wasn’t lost, she just fell a little ill. Nothing too serious, just a case of a seasonal cold virus. Oh yes, she also found her way to Las Vegas over a weekend, but more about that in another post. Having said that, it was in this fab city, ensconced in perpetual light from the sun’s rays in the day time and the trillion lightbulbs that work their magic at night, that she found her inspiration to do her next blog about bling.

This week’s post is a little backwards; rather than this lil’ lamb spinning a good yarn and getting lost in rhetoric, she’ll cut straight to the chase and just show some fab threads. CAVEAT: It was soooooo hard to limit the PLETHORA of bling-bling in each category to only three choices. Oh, it was agonizing!!!! I am throughly convinced that the mental anguish of having to make said ‘cuts’ has only served to prolong Lyttle Lamb’s (aka moi) bout of rhinopharyngitis. *cough* and *sniff* 😦

Do I have any sympathy at all? Ok, here we go:


sequinblazerhighsequinblazermed sequinblazerlow


My Gleam Job Blazer $89.99

Sequin Open Front Blazer $39.90


sequinblousehigh sequinblousemed1sequinblousemed

Eyedoll blouse $192.00 (amazing!!

Round Up Sequin Tee $100.47

Glitz a Miracle Top $44.99


sequincamihigh sequincamimedsequincamilow

The Illustrator Tank by Sass & Bide: $157.94

Breton Stripe Sequin Tank Reg price: $140.00 Sale: $85.00

Aztec Sequin Swing Tank Reg Price: $22.99 Sale: $13.99


sequindresshigh sequindressmedsequindresslow

Parker Black Sequined Cap-Sleeve Dress $484.00

All over sequin dress: Reg Price: $180.00 Sale Price: $135.00

Strapless Sequin Bodycon Dress in Gold $38.99


sequinpanthighsequinpantmed sequinpantslow

Alice + Olivia Pants – Sequin Gathered $525.02 (How beautiful are these??!!)

Joa Shine On Sequin Trousers $111.89

I ‘Heart’ Ronson® Sequin Soft Pants Reg Price: $78.75  Sale: $45.93



Sequin Soiree Shorts $128.00

CATCH22 Shorts $50.00

ASOS Shorts with Sequin Stars Reg price $75.80 Sale: $22.74


BONUS PICK! Rare Multi Blue Sequin Co-Ord Shorts $57.00



Giuseppe Zanotti I47027 (some day these will be mine!!!) $1,595.00

SCHUTZ Pump $238.00

Rachel Roy Keedan $39.99

sequinflathigh sequinflatmedsequinflatlow

DE SIENA Moccasins $ 299.00

ALL BLACK Sequins Pointy-Toe Slip-On Sneaker $130

Bamboo Mansion Shoe Reg Price: $35.74 Sale: $15.18


sequinnecklacehigh sequinnecklacemedsequinnecklacelow

Shourouk Zulu Crystal and Sequin Necklace Reg Price: $985.00 Sale: $405.00

Sparkling Sage Plum, Emerald, & Aqua Crystal Bib Necklace Reg Price: $195.95 Sale: $77.44

South Beach Resin Collar Limited time price: $35.00

sequinearringshighearcuffmed sequinearringlow

Lionette By Noa Sade – Orian Earrings $358.00

Stargirl Ear adornment set $38.00

Von Trapp Drop earrings Limited time price: $15.00


sequinnailshigh  sequinnailsmedsequinnaillow2

Nail Glitz 120 GOLD SOUK £ 39.99

Nail Glitz 131 SILVER CARAT £ 14.99

Elegant Touch Candy Sprinkles Nail Wraps £5.00

Did you enjoy, my wonderful readers? The Giuseppe Zanotti’s and the Noa Sade earrings were my personal favs 🙂

Until next time, please do try to avoid this nasty cold virus going around, a red nose and watery eyes REALLY do not accessorize well with ANYTHING.

Yours in sickness, and health….and most of all fashion.



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