Good cat, bad cat…and ‘on the fence’ cat.


Welcome back!

Last week we talked about how crazy for cats some people are, and reviewed a few rules to keep in mind when wearing feline fashion.

This week we’ll look at some amazing examples that truly are the cats pajamas, and some that will make you hope that curiosity is indeed enough to kill the cat, in this case.


I HAVE to start off with my best find in the ‘Good Cat’ category.

The first time I laid eyes on this beautiful blouse by Eyedoll, I was smitten. This bold, beaded Lion King-esque graphic set against a stark background of dark royal blue and black was simply too much! I love how this piece will work with a totally cash’ outfit- pair it with a dark skinny pant and flats, or all dressed up – tuck it loosely into this season’s pair of wide-leg extra-long dress pants, combined with a kitten (pun intended!) heel. Keep jewellery to a minimum (maybe a few stacked thick bracelets) as this piece really speaks (or meows) for itself.


Whatever you do, do NOT hide this under a jacket while indoors, and if you ARE wearing this outside in the winter, run! Run to your destination as fast as you can. Get inside, fling your coat to the side, catch your breathe, and get ready for the compliments to fly. Anyone who raises an eyebrow or flat out has the GALL to ask ‘what ARE you wearing?’ simply doesn’t get it. And that’s okay. Chances are this person also wears strappy sandals with capris…..

Let’s be professional, shall we? Orla Kiely’s Ditsy Cat collection is a great example of conservative, feminine-feline done right. Not cheap, but not over-the-top expensive, these pieces are perfect for the office:

    orlakittydress               orlakittyshirt

Ditsy Cat Print Shirt – Chalke: $144.00                 Ditsy Cat Bib panel Top – Chalke: $144.00

     ditsycatshift                                         orlakittyshirtdress

Ditsy Cat shirt dress:  $239.00                              Ditsy Cat black shift dress: $199.00

Next item: I love this feline spin on the LBD by Vanilla Mood, not office-appropo by any means, but great for a night out. This is more on the cat-cute, rather than cat-crazy side. At a humble price tag of $52.00, you can’t go wrong!


Or, if you’re in a slightly more whimsical mood (but still not crazy), check out this pink little number with Harajuku Fashion Cats Print by Choies $57.74 . Again, not for the office by any means, but perfect for a Saturday afternoon coffee chat or shopping session with your BFF. Pair with a cute set of flats (no heels please!) and a matching clutch and you’re all set. A little too sugary sweet for you? You can easily edge the look up a bit by throwing your best black fitted moto-leather jacket over it. Done and done.


Moving along to accessories, these little kitty studs are the best! Dainty, feminine, with just a touch of feline, how could you possibly go wrong with these Cute Kitty Rhinestone earrings by LilyFair Jewelry?


I’m also a fan of this Zoe Chicco 14k Hammered Gold Tiny Cat Pendant Necklace:

cathighnecklaceIt’s quite possible that I even OWN this PendantGeek Business Cat necklace (it’s BUSINESS CAT for goodness sakes, how could I have turned this down?)


Last but certainly not least,  don’t forget your purr-se 🙂

Here are a few options, ranging from the modest price tag to the absolutely obscene “you-could-have-saved-a-small-village-but-instead-you-chose-to-be-vain-and-bought-this-purse” :





For every great example of feline fashion, there are ten horrible ones.

I still find it amazing that the ‘Howl at the moon’ series of shirts were as popular as they were. While I get a chuckle at all the variations of this theme, including the one below, we can all agree that this would fall into the “Bad cat” category, right? Right???? This little  number is aptly named 3 Keyboard Cat Moon.

This is something I’d maybe wear if I lost a bet, or was given a large sum of money to wear for a period not exceeding 1 hour.

(Cat in yellow shirt) Keyboards just make sense to me, man. I get ‘em, you know.?

I love Modcloth and have gotten my share of clothing and accessories from this amazing online store. It’s cute, it’s unique, it’s quirky. But often times Modcloth crosses the line between quirky and insane, like they did with their Count Cat-cula sweater:


Well, once again Modcloth gets a dishonorable mention with this ‘I-am-a-full-out-crazy-cat-lady’ dress, AKA their ‘Hooked on a feline’ dress. There are currently 193 reviews for this dress (it’s also sold out), which means there are at least 193 crazy very, VERY devoted cat ladies out there.


Moving along, can we talk ‘Bad Cat’ jewelry? I have to be honest and say that this wasn’t quite as easy to find as bad or crazy cat dresses or sweaters, but I did manage to round a few examples up:

From Jonette Jewelry, this aptly named ‘Cat drinking from toilet‘ pin is…well, a depiction of a cat drinking from a toilet. How lovely.  As an owner of two beautiful siamese cats, I am very well aware of some of their….proclivities, shall we say, but I would never make a brooch out of it.


Well this next one takes the cake. The great thing about fashion is that it’s so subject to interpretation, there is so much room for expression and creativity of one’s personal life and experiences, which is one of the biggest reasons I’ve always been so drawn to it. Put two people in the exact same outfit, and each tells a different story.

However….sometimes, I think we as human beings take that room for expression a bit too far. Sometimes it strays into the downright scary and unhygienic. Well, I’ll just stop talking now and let you be the judge.


So…the necklace above was crafted entirely out of shed cat hair. That’s right. SHED.CAT.HAIR. And apparently these artists are selling it for a mint on stores like Etsy. It’s one thing to wear your OWN cat’s hair (which most cat owners will tell you is bad enough ie – black dress pants – white cat fur, say no more), but the idea of harvesting your cat’s shed furs one by one and crafting them into jewellery to sell to another individual is beyond this lamb’s scope of reason. Personally I just don’t get it, but I guess all the power to anyone who has found a way to make something out of almost nothing, and get paid on top of it. Maybe I’m just jealous. Well, I’m not, but I’m just saying that to be nice.

I guess if I was really nice I’d include the link to this book I stumbled across while doing my research for this post, in case you want it : Crafting with cat hair – Cute handicrafts to make with your cat. (Ok, did you seriously just click on the link? You know WordPress tells me when my readers click on the links, right??)



My first instinct was to put this piece into the “Bad cat” category, but I couldn’t stop laughing when I was looking at this one. Not laughing in disgust, but laughing in a “this is horrible yet ironic and funny” way. For that reason, I find it hard to make a final judgement call on this one. I probably would wear this Ugly X-mas Sweater – Laser Cat-Zilla sweater ONCE as a joke,  and mostly just to get a reaction from my friends, then shelve it indefinitely, bringing it out only in the most dire of circumstances, like when a friend needs cheering up, for example.

lasercatzillaIn case of emergency break glass wear this sweater.

Ugly cat sweater, check. For this next item, perhaps I’m saying this because I am biased towards the very beautiful Choupette who was the muse for the following collection, but I just can’t let myself categorize this into the “Bad Cat” section. I mean, it’s not great, it’s….maybe it’s not even good and yet somehow I can’t bring myself to hate this latest Monster Choupette collection from Karl Lagerfeld. It’s kitsch, somewhat childish, overpriced and yet… still makes me smile. If someone handed me a Monster Choupette wallet or clutch from this collection I wouldn’t turn it down 🙂


I have to say, I had a lot of fun with this one, combining two things so near and dear to my heart – cats and fashion. Not sure yet how I’ll top this but I will do my very best…

I remain yours,



One thought on “Good cat, bad cat…and ‘on the fence’ cat.

  1. …… I did not know, but was quite amused and surprised at the lengths that one can go to show their love of cats in so many creative ways… thanks Lyttle Lamb 🙂


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